Our Cameras, Ourselves – Introduction

Hello. Welcome. I’m writing a book.

I’ve been making movies since I was a teenager, and I’ve been teaching classes about making movies for at least ten years, depending on when you start counting. My recent teaching experience has been at the University of Minnesota, St. John’s University, and St. Cloud State University. Obviously these are not like nationally high ranking film programs – but that’s not the point. The point is that, especially today, filmmaking can be accessible to anyone. And that’s a beautiful thing.

There are a million books about making movies, and a billion websites, blogs, and youtube channels. And, many of these are valuable and useful, but I haven’t yet found one that conveys what I think is important about the process of making movies.

So, I decided to write about it myself. This writing is going to roughly follow the course of a semester of teaching this subject, the way I teach it. And, I’m using the blog format to work out my ideas because I’ve found that to be a very productive way to proceed. Writing page after page in a word document or in google drive is great and all, but a blog is an amazing way to chunk up the work, to feel like incremental progress is happening on a regular basis.

As in my previous blogging experience, the point is less to have a bunch of people reading and commenting – it’s more a matter of the psychological impact of clicking on “publish” and saying – it’s out there, even in draft form – so be it.